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About Bealine Environmental Services, Inc.

Our Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility serves the Houston Petrochemical complex, the largest chemical industrial area in the World. Our Bealine facility accepts wastewater from generators in the Houston an surrounding areas to process and ship to the local POTW operated by The Gulf Coast Authority. Improvements to the Bealine facility encompass construction of a liquid storage and processing facility accessing the GCA facility via pipeline and support facilities including laboratory and facility management.

The Waste treatment Industry is highly regulated.

Prior to acceptance of waste material, Bealine has secured the appropriate permits from local, state, and federal entities.

Candidate Waste Streams must be reviewed and accepted by the GCA. Upon acceptance of the candidate waste stream, the waste is received sampled, analyzed for acceptance, and then any indicated treatment is performed. Treatment includes physical and chemical treatment of the received waste. The acceptable wastewater is then discharged to GCA after appropriate treatment and laboratory verification.

Our New Bealine state-of-the-art facility is designed to turn your load around quick.

With over 30 years of experience in waste transportation, we recognize the importance of getting your waste shipment offloaded as soon as possible and our 700 GPM pumps move waste out of your truck in a hurry.

This system of specialty treatment by Bealine and further waste treatment by GCA is preferred due to cost saving combining the economics of scale of the large GCA facility, with the personal knowledge each generator expects from our Bealine staff.

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